What is Life Coaching?

Our best contribution to each person we encounter,
is to reflect their qualities back to them.
Each person is a diamond in the rough;
let’s look for those traits intentionally!

Coaches are guides or trainers who have specialized preparation to develop skills in
leading people towards their personal fulfillment. Their function is to lead the client,
toward achieving their goals.

There are coaches in sports, business, personal life, and even in other specialized
fields such as voice projection (for singers, actors, voice artists, news broadcasting,
etc.), for personal image & branding, and many other areas.

As a Holistic Life Coach with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I focus on helping you
in an empathetic manner (rapport) to establish a relationship with you of trust and
ease in order to understand your current paradigm in a nonjudgmental way. From
this point I objectively present key questions that suggests some options that you
maybe haven’t been able to discover yet, allowing you to generate the answers and
solutions from within yourself.

I’ll take in consideration every single area in your life in order to determine if the
goals that you’ve set were born within you, or if those objectives were influenced by
external aspects.

So very often people begin with a certain aim in mind and after a few revealing
sessions, their lives (and goals) experience a tremendous shift that happens to be
way more convenient than ever imagined.

In this holistic calibration you’ll find balance and harmony among every aspect of
your being; this way you’ll be able to access unknown potential within you, which is
often under estimated or ignored.

How does the coaching work?

Every good Guide knows that leading someone toward the achievement of higher
goals requires a strong inspiration and motivation to leave the comfort zone. This is
not only rough but also painful at times, because some “muscles” might be weak or
used for the first time…

As your coach, I’ll guide you once a week for a 60-minute session with empathic
patience (understanding  OK. Permissiveness  NO), although always
encouraging you to give your very best to stretch your capabilities more every time.

The sessions can be held face-to-face or long distance (via Skype).

During the entire process we’ll be using several tools and I’ll apply whatever
techniques feel appropriate at any given moment, presenting you a set of challenges
that have to be overcome creatively in order to strengthen your skills and re-
discover your potential.