“I declare that I am free,
By being who I choose to be.
I step up to my success,
Using skills I do possess,”
~ Alba

(Extract form the song “Declaration” from the production “I’m Flowing”)

Workshop-Concerts (4 – 6 hours)


Healthy Self-Image and Harmonious Relationships (4 hours)

What is esteem, really, and why do we resist it
How to come to terms with ourselves and dare to shine freely
The “perfect size”
Everlasting Youth
What do we truly seek in a life-couple.
How to achieve harmony in all kinds of relationships
Yes, it’s possible to reach authentic happiness.

The Second Wind is Better Than the First One (4 hours)

When birds have left the nest…
My decision vs. my obligation
Re-defining my sex-appeal
Designing my new map
Extra luggage?
The Best adventure

Laughter-therapy, Music-therapy & Creativity (6 hours)

What is Laughter-therapy and its role in our wellbeing
Understanding the power that exists in joy
Music-therapy as an ally in our whole harmony
Opening up to the healing power of music
Learning to flow in the eternal stream of wellbeing
Searching for harmony inside us
Creativity and its direct connection with Spirit
Several activities.

WOMAN: Source of Life and Power (4 hours)

Our gift as channels of life and transformation
Reconciling with our self-image and self-worth
Regaining Power vs. Competing for Power
Leveraging our Uniqueness
Turning our Weaknesses Into Strengths
The Joy and Privilege to Give Ourselves Intentionally

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