Why hire me?

When we step out to be available as a vehicle for transformation,
amazing miracles start to happen!
~ Alba

The different tools that I’ve been collecting over more than a decade in order to help my clients, provide me with a vast amount of techniques to apply in each session. Nevertheless, I dare to affirm that it is my intuition and spiritual sensibility that has opened up for me a deeper comprehension of the real needs of each client, and at the same time it transmits beforehand a feeling of soothing peace that eases and accelerates the transformation process.

I’ll offer you an initial 30-minute session at no cost at all, in order to get to know each other, to clarify doubts, to express the goals and expectations, to create an action plan if you decide to enroll in my adventure, which could be the most important program in your life.

Once the agreement is settled, I’ll send you a written contract of professional services, which will be signed by both parties; this document will also specify the dates we’ll agree to meet, as well as the different payment plans for you to choose according to what fits your needs and interests better.