“Life will go on without me,
But my work stays eternally.
My gifts are useful and unique,
Sharing them is all I seek.”
~ Alba

(Extract from the song “Declaration” from the production “I’m Flowing”)

“I recently attended the workshop “WOMAN: Fountain of Life and Power” offered by Alba Molina, and it certainly was a blessing from God; it came to my life at the perfect time and made me open my eyes to a series of realities that had been dormant in my memory, making me understand how truly valuable I am. I’ve spent my life pleasing others without expecting anything in return, even at the expense of my own happiness; and I understood that this is not what God wants for me. God wants me to be happy here and now and happiness doesn’t come from external elements; happiness is an attitude.

And now I’ve made the decision to be happy!!!

These kinds of workshops are the tremendous little aids that every woman should gift herself with: the external collaboration from someone who exposes her own testimony in order to spread goodness among her fellow women friends in a very organized, intelligent way and totally distant from the destructive concept of feminism.”

aal. Silvia Luconi
Attorney and Notary Public
San José, Costa Rica ~

“It’s never too late to begin again; I truly recommend this workshop to you.

It’s an excellent gift to help us think about ourselves.”

Emma Beirute
Poder Judicial


“For many years I’ve been working on gender issues and attending seminars about women empowerment. At the workshop WOMAN: fountain of Life and Power imparted by Alba Molina, the focus was new and inspiring. It was really something different and refreshing, and any woman who wants to reinvent and rediscover herself shouldn’t miss this!”

Laura Arias Pacheco
Gerente de Bê Arte Indígena
Promotora de mujeres tejedoras indígenas

I have had the pleasure of knowing Alba Molina for some time, and have been fortunate to attend one of her wellness & growth workshops that include conversation, motivational messages and wonderful musical talent. She captivated the audience at our Panama West Rotary Club session and, had she stayed longer in the city during her last trip, I would have made sure to recommend additional sessions with other groups.

Alba is a unique woman with a profound spiritual core, an engaging communicator and a talented motivational speaker. I have her in mind for other events that I will be organizing in the near-future in Panama and throughout Central America.

Listening to Alba is a treat no one should miss, and my personal friendship with her (which does not inform this testimonial) is a personal blessing.

Kindest regards,

Franz M. García de Paredes
CEO, Latin America Synergies
District Governor (2016-17), Rotary International District 4240

Alba Molina is more than a “life coach”. She is so capable at suggesting wonderful and appropriate generic techniques and instructions that can help a person find more balance, purpose and happiness. But, more significantly, she has the remarkable ability to see much deeper into a person’s life experience and personality to reveal unique opportunities for growth and expansion. Alba definitely has a gift!

Douglas Stenstrom Jr. 

“Not only is Alba an excellent person and prestigious singer and composer, but she has also established her professionalism and brilliance as a coach, offering the appropriate guidance at the right time to all of us women that in some moment of our lives have had the opportunity to enrich ourselves with her vast wisdom.

Thank you, Alba, for all the good that you have shared with so many people, and continue doing so!”

Ligia Vargas J.
Co-owner and Regional Director of IVI DMC
For Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua


“For quite a long time I’d lived under negative patterns that didn’t build anything good in my life, but that lifestyle was the only one I knew until one day, after a very painful experience that happened as a result of my bad decisions, I decided to look for help.

That’s when I began my therapy with Alba, and among many of the things that I’m grateful for during the sessions that I’ve received, I can highlight the overcoming of my fears, learning to make better decisions, defining the things that truly fulfill me in my professional & personal life, and most of all having learned to love myself and being pleased with the person I am.”

Oscar Duarte
Graphic Designer