Listen to the voice in you,
It is hidden in your heart.
It is like a tiny light
That can ignite your fire.

(Extract from the song “Sharing Your Dreams” from the production “I’m Flowing”)

Conference-Concerts (2 hours)


“With you, Bread & Caviar”

This talk + music is designed for life-partners.
Its content helps the couple to renew the reasons why they chose to
join their lives, by adding a much deeper and broad perspective to
their experience and view.

“Age Does Wonders not only for Wine”

For people 40 + years of age
The content is focused on all of those who are ready for a fresh start,
and seek the shift that is more aligned with their dreams, their ever
refining taste, and their new vision of purpose.

“From Coal to Diamond”

Audience: Adult women who wish to free themselves from limiting
patterns in order to reclaim the empowerment that belongs to them
by right, and are ready to begin to live their happiness thoroughly by
developing their full potential (creativity, productivity, and growth).

Life Purpose, Achievements, & Legacy

In this talk we learn about our mission in life, taking in consideration
not only those attributes we have in common with the rest of
humanity, besides our fears and usual doubts, but also all of those
unique traits that were given to each one of us, in order to reach that
special, custom-made goal.

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