It’s a great privilege to make a difference in the world.
Let’s do so based on the joy of contributing with our gifts and talents wherever they’re needed.
That’s the best way to show gratitude for what has been given to us!
~ Alba

A car could look gorgeous on the outside; but if its engine has some broken parts, it wouldn’t be able to get anywhere.
The same goes for us: It’s crucial to be in balance in all areas of the being, in order to live in joy, freedom, growth, peace, and Unconditional Love.

Theory instructs you. Art nourishes your soul. Practical exercises help you understand even more. Sharing the experience with others transforms amuses. But if all of those elements are focused on the same goal, Your entire life could change forever!

Listening to a motivational speech could infuse you with enthusiasm… for a while.
If that lecture mixes inspirational songs about the same topic, both hemispheres of your brain will easily embody the message in a deeper way.


The advantages of this modality are countless. It’s no wonder why so many professionals around the world have adopted a personal Life Coach in order to stand out from the crowd by shining their brightest light.

Among the benefits we mention a few:

Improving self-esteem and self-respect
More self-confidence
Decision to take control of their life
Developing leader skills
Increasing motivation and hope for the future
More assertiveness
More capability to commit with themselves and with others
More perseverance
Better relationships
More freedom
More productivity
More creativity
Greater sense of wonder and appreciation
Increase in feelings of gratitude
More capacity to value and prioritization
Notorious improvement in the sleeping patterns