Here’s the audio version as well, in case you’re like me
(I love listening, besides reading).


A year has just come to an end in the middle of celebrations, parties, trips, family, friends, and much joy in many cases!

Any day could be a good excuse to organize special activities where we could release stress, laugh a lot, indulge in rich banquets, enjoy the bond between loved ones, and for some people is also a chance to justify a few extra drinks because… “It’s important to drown sorrows…” as they say!

Each year represents a new chapter in our lives. For some it’s a complete new book! As creatures in constant change and evolution, it’s easy to expect that we’ll become a little better each day; therefore, we’ll see our lives constantly expanding and we’ll notice how wonderful the new opportunities are, allowing us to become stronger, healthier, happier and wiser. If we failed to take advantage of them, perhaps –instead of those results- what we might obtain is a present experience less appealing…

How to determine the direction of our path? Well, some people like to keep a written track of the main events during each day (like a journal) and by the end of the week, month, or year, they can trace the progress and achievements. From that point they can affirm what they wish to accomplish on the following year.

Unfortunately, most people not only skip this good practice, but they don’t even think about what they are experiencing in the present moment; hence, they live on “automatic pilot”… In other words, they act like robots as a habit and tend to fall in the belief that “we must settle for whatever is drawn to us…” or, as we said a few days ago, they think they’re victims of the circumstances!

Instead of this, I suggest that each day you observe what you do, what you say and what you receive. I advise you to state short, middle and longer-term goals, always chunking them down to achievable steps, so that you can enjoy your constant upward trajectory, your physical improvement, your increasing enthusiasm and the numerous benefits that you -and the ones around you- will begin to experience by your side.

Don’t be afraid to mention your big and small successes to those who truly wish the best for you. This is not bragging, but spreading the good news!

This way, by the end of the year, your celebration will turn to a huge victory and not an excuse to try to forget (or drown) the pain and stress that the old year left you with…


Have an excellent JANUARY!