• Ingesting only foods that are 100% organic and full of fiber?
  • Having a two-hour workout every day?
  • Taking tons of vitamins and food supplements?
  • Going for doctor check-ups frequently?
  • Is it simply positive thinking?
  • Is it difficult to achieve it?
  • Does it depend on age?
  • Does it require a lot of sacrifice?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Does it demand athletic ability?


There are too many causes of illnesses. Some are produced by poor habits,

including lack of sleep or adequate hydration.

Others are caused by chemicals in the environment, or in processed foods.

But there are also diseases originated in a mental bad attitude,

like resisting one’s reality, or even rejecting themselves…!


Having a state of balance and peace

begins with self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

When I say this, I’m referring to accepting our body, our personality, our history, and our present life situation.


When we accept who we are,

we get rid of all resistance and sorrow for “what we’re not”

And after coming to terms with our present and our past,

we’ll be able to objectively value if it’s in our best interest to make changes and why.

Ifwe’ll benefit in a meaningful way, or if its mere whimsical desire

only to project an external image onto otshers.

Once we have thought this through,

if we actually wish to make some changes in any area of our lives,

the next step would be to make a firm pact with ourselves,

in order to takefeasibleand consistent steps, enjoying the transformational process and celebrating each little accomplishment or betterment.