(The body follows the mind)

Here’s the audio version as well, in case you’re like me
(I love listening, besides reading).


In my opinion, the worst illness is the one that is generated as a result of a mechanism of inspiring pity, in order to get a little bit of attention from someone… In other words, it ends up being a poor replacement of love, accepting a few crumbs to alleviate loneliness!

Couldn’t this be also the same cause of hypochondria?             

On the contrary, mental well-being will also be reflected in the body, because the satisfaction that is obtain when adopting an attitude of positivity and gratitude, generates endorphins –just like the ones we get when performing a favorite physical activity, or even when we laugh hilariously!

What we think and say

We find even in Sacred Scriptures references about the fact that the thing that contaminates the body is not what we put in our mouths, but what comes out of our heart…!

The mind is much more powerful than we’ll ever think. We’ve underestimated our thoughts and the regularity with which we formulate them.Perhaps we believe that complaining mentally, or even wishing evil on someone is harmless; however, each time we allow negative thoughts, there’s a direct chemical reaction in our liver, pancreas, stomach, nervous system, and other parts of our body!

On top of that, we’re such repetitive beings that we self prescript the same dose of negativity by reiterating the same thoughts over and over again, making sure that the symptoms get more solid until a serious illness sprouts successfully!

The good news is that the mind can also act in our behalf if we establish positive, constructive, and empowering thoughts full of gratitude!

We’ve read about endless cases of people who have been able to cancel the harmful effects of diseases caused by bitterness, when adopting a mindset of forgiveness (which means giving up judgment), and looking at other people (and themselves first and foremost) with authentic compassion.

Let’s appreciate more; let’s find beauty in everything; let’s be generous with our time and our talents.

Let’s love everyone equally and overflowingly through our words, deeds, and thoughts, with no apparent reason at all!

What we choose to remember and feel about it 

Life IS the present moment! All else are dreams and memoriesthat evoke some emotions inside of us which can motivate us or dissuade us in the face of new decisions we can make.

When we choose to feel resentment over something that took place in the past, we re-live the moment as realistically as when it initially happened, including the physical effects in our body.

It’s always very important to note that we always have a choice to decide how we want to face it; is it convenient to continue feeding the same feeling? Or perhaps it might be wiser to opt for acknowledging that we don’t know for sure about the circumstances the other people were facing at the moment of the apparent offense. Therefore, they are the only ones who can comprehend theirwords and actions in the best case, since sometimes not even we know why we act one way or another… It takes lots of introspection and self-knowledge to discern what moves us or motivates us in life!

The attachments we have

How many times do we defend something fiercely (material or intangible) just because of fear to lose it, thinking that we wouldn’t be able to live without it! This is the mentality of scarcity… fictitious poverty!

Maybe we’re referring to a point of view, a person, an object, a job, etc.

In truth it was only a habit; a “comfort zone”. It was simply what we were familiarized with, and not knowing what our options would be without that factor, filled us up with insecurities and even panic. Nevertheless, nothing or no-one is indispensable really… Not even ourselves!

Two of the most wonderful gifts that were given to us upon being born are our adaptability and creativity (resourcefulness) to always come out and move forward!

In other words, no external element truly has the power to control us, unless we’ve given it to them voluntarily. The only exceptions are some basic elements for survival: oxygen to breath, water, some nutrients, and some hours of sleep. Other than that, everything else can be variable and complementary by choice.

Giving excessive power to any of those other elements, is relinquishing our freedom, our joy and growth.

By doing that, we fill up ourselves with unwanted stress, hence the physical effects that go with it.

Our capacity to detach

As a contrast to the previous point, we all have the capacity to release anything we wish to leave behind, because it’s simply not part of us! It has just been available to us in order to fulfill a purpose of growth in a specific area in our lives; but when its mission has already been accomplished, we no longer need it and it’s convenient to let it go.

Loading our lives with baggage will only make us tired and diminish our creative & vital energy.

Let’s be grateful for each opportunity that shows up in our path, without becoming possessive.

At the same time, let’s be generous in an unconditional way with all that we are, have and are able to do.

This is the attitude of prosperity that will always attract more abundance into our lives, and will free our mind & body from illness.

As you can see, it really depends on one’s self!