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As human beings, we’re all creatures of continuous growth by nature.

That expansion can take place in the direction of improvement, or increasing the bad habits that block our highest potential, pushing us farther apart from success and happiness. This is a process that happens individually and in most cases, without even noticing it.

When we live with a life-partner, this phenomenon duplicates… and we could say that it “triplicates” because -when choosing to join both lives- an invisible third entity is instantly born as the result of the combination of both beings. This third presence requires affection, nurturing, protection and respectful appreciation.

When this doesn’t take place, an invisible barrier forms between the couple; but when these considerations are observed, a stronger & unbreakable bond builds up because there’s intentional co-creation step by step.

At the Coaching sessions for Couples I’m able to see the state of the relationship and each individual objectively. So as a Guide, during the entire process I’ll apply a set of self-knowledge & compassionate communication techniques, which will teach you to see each other (and the events) just as they are, free from preconceived mechanisms and contaminated judgments.

In short, in these weekly meetings you’ll learn to really get to know your partner under a new light: in the renewed version that will now advance in continuous intentional growth.

From this point on, you’ll both be free to decide to be happy (individually and in the healthy bond that has been co-created)!

What important challenge have you been able to overcome with your couple?

Have you been able to detect that third entity among you both?

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