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Most people have a life that is already quite structured: they follow a schedule that is more or less stable, they have certain routine behaviors, their eating habits are pretty similar week after week, and even their recreational activities are often repetitive!

The best-case scenario is that a lot of them can also count on a paycheck, never enough apparently, but at least it allows them to put bread on the table and buy a few more things.

But… are they happy???

If we stop to ponder about how our daily life really is, we would see that there are details full of benevolence that we don’t easily notice. Those of us, who can easily move from one side to another without pain, we do so automatically and taking it for granted. We tend to forget that there are some who TRULY need extra help to be able to reach something or even to get to the restroom…

But there are certain persons on the streets who –in order to earn a few coins- prefer to evoke pity from people by exaggerating their unfortunate condition, like for example their struggle to walk; but what they’re doing is precisely spending long hours walking or standing rain or shine while begging!

I wonder: don’t they realize that the rest of the body works fine? Many of them are still young and with vitality, but are letting their lives run through the fingers that hold the disposable cup that asks for coins which will probably be traded for a glass of beer at the end of the day…

Life always seeks balance. To those who lack one arm, the other one becomes strong and skillful. Those who are blind, develop sharp hearing. We’ve seen handicapped beings who –in their determination to succeed- not only become exceptional professionals, but also train for marathons or the Special Olympics. They (instead of losing time complaining) explore their potential to find out what they can achieve and how far they can get!

A white linen sheet with a stained dot can become a “useless, ruined sheet” for the person who only sees the dot. But the one who chooses to see the whiteness instead, feels glad to have a precious sheet that feels soft and warm against the skin at night.

Tell us: Have you discovered yourself complaining about something that you don’t have or you don’t like? Do you consider that these words could help you change your perception regarding that?

It’s so good to be able to forget about the things we no longer have or we haven’t gotten yet, and instead to count our blessings, talents, and opportunities we keep on having every day!

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