Here’s the audio version as well, in case you’re like me
(I love listening, besides reading).


A year comes to an end, and another one opens up its doors to new experiences, projects and decisions.

Whenever the calendar shows the end of a cycle (it could be a week, a month or a year), our illusions are revamped with great hope or, on the contrary, it could all seem like new responsibilities, or even new frustrations. It’s your decision!

At the beginning of the year, we find devastating news regarding the losses (both material and human). Our attention is directed to fatalism, tabloids, and people starts feeling fears of all kinds!

It’s incredible to believe that -despite so many achievements and successes- we end up placing our focus on unfortunate events. Nevertheless, we understand that what is truly being revealed in those news, is a loud urge to find help and solutions, because deep inside we all want good news and happiness!

We’ve already mentioned in previous blogs, that our focus of attention becomes our point of attraction to our reality. This means that if we want to obtain positive results, we better fix our attention on solutions! Contrariwise, if we keep on noticing the problem, we’ll find more similar situations that will support that experience.

If we had the chance to bring back to life and interview the people who committed suicide, we’d discover that the trigger was a very distorted perception of their life… their expectations were not met, their fears were too “real” to them, they only saw a thick cloud in front of their eyes instead of the sunny view behind it, or they perceived themselves as smaller and weaker than the challenge.

Let’s reinforce prevention as opposed to punishment.

Let’s hear the hidden silence behind the fearful words.

Let’s dig out the beauty that is buried under the rage.

Let’s forgive mistakes that were needed before success.

Let’s drop judgment and aim to discern the cause.

Let’s express joy and gratitude if we want to live in peace.

May the New Year evoke the very best in you,

and may YOU evoke the very best in the New Year!