Here’s the audio version as well, in case you’re like me
(I love listening, besides reading).



Christmas Season is coming… Our brains begin to calculate how to manage to stretch the Christmas bonus…

How many presents do I have give?
What did I give them last year?
And… what did they give me?

Year after year we face the same predicament! The songs we sing in this season repeat to us that “it’s a time for joy, love and peace…!”

How many families –instead of this- are feeling frustration, stress and even shame…!

Yes: the commercial business has to take most of the responsibility by bombarding us with endless options that sound tempting and have higher prices: nevertheless, each one of us has played an important role of complicity, because we’ve allowed this to affect us to the point of letting it determine who we are and how much we’re able to love… depending on what we give…

No matter what our religious upbringing is, this time of the year always invites us to reflect about the good things we’ve lived throughout the year, the kindness we’ve received, and how much we’ve learned and grown.

It’s convenient to wipe the slate clean and start over; in other words, let’s forgive, release judgment, forget old wounds, receive a promising future with illusion, and share our blessings.

The presents we give might be fieldtrips, visits, playing games, any gist that exhibits solid and unconditional love –any time of the year!-

It’s never too late to reconsider and re-define what this season really means to each one of us, and what our intentions are regarding this.

Let’s not be afraid to defend our own point of view and respectfully and empathically, let’s accept other people’s point of view, with joy, love and peace!

Have a blissful rest of the week!