“We don’t choose our profession. The profession chooses us.
If in the encounter –when gazing at each other’s eyes- the heart
Then you will have found your vocation.”
~ Alba

Throughout my life I’ve been involved in music, education, spirituality, and a strong
desire to help people.

Without noticing, each thread was interweaving with others in order to create the
most descriptive design of my dreams, desires, needs, and life-mission!
I couldn’t have anticipated or sketched it better!

If I had to start all over again, I’d do exactly the same… except for the fact that I
would have shared my work much more from the very beginning, because I believe
it’s very important to benefit as many people as possible with who we are, what we
have, and what we do.

My composition and singing skills joined my work as an educator (in Costa Rica and
California, USA), teaching music, English and Spanish as a second language to
students of all ages. However, I noticed that my enthusiasm radiated even more
when my students looked for me during the recess in order to confide me their
secrets or problems, hoping that I might have the right advice, or simply to find
peace and unconditional affection.

It was then when I began writing empowering songs that could raise their self-
esteem, and reinforce important values such as gratitude, courtesy and respect,
among others. These songs were performed by my students (at times as a musical
play or modern operetta) and when I noticed clear changes in their lives, I
understood how valuable music could be in the transformation process.

To my surprise, some parents and teachers also began to seek my advice and
guidance for their personal lives! Therefore, little by little I gathered other
professional tools (therapeutic and in communication) in order to help people more
(including some individuals at risk).

Because of a personal catharsis in late 2002, I experienced an increase in my
spiritual intuition; my life vision changed dramatically and my mission was defined
much more clearly. Certain events led me to travel to several cities throughout the
United States, sharing a message of empowerment and positivity; later on, I was
designated as the Spiritual Leader at a Hispanic Congregation in Saint Pete, Florida.

All of these events have been adding important hues to the entire “vocational
tapestry” that keeps on shaping up today!

My current professional activities:

  • Holistic Life Coach with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) offering
    sessions in different formats: one-on-one, couples, and small groups (in
    person and via Skype).
  •  Spiritual Counseling
  • Workshop-concert to medium-size groups
  •  Conference-concerts to medium and large audiences (unlimited amount)
  • Uplifting & empowering Radio program “Whole Harmony”
  • Self-help video capsules
  • Blogs
  • Books (for all ages)


  • Flute and Composition (Youth Symphony Orchestra)
  • Guitar, Singing and Music Theory (University of Costa Rica)
  • Harmony and Counterpoint (National University, Costa Rica)
  • Nonviolent Communication (With Dr. Rita Marie Johnson and Sura Hart from
  • The Center for Nonviolent Communication)
  • Connection Practice Foundations (Rasur Foundation)
  • Social-Emotional Learning (Success For Kids – SFK, Panamá)
  • Holistic Life Coach with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, at the Spencer Institute, CA. USA)
  • Energy Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping)
  • Competent Communicator (Toastmasters International, CA. USA)
  • Insight I (Insight Seminars)
  • Reiki I & II (From a Certified Reiki Master from Italy)
  • Broadcasting License (Control Nacional de Radio de Costa Rica)