Holistic Life Coaching

Welcome to   Alba Molina Vision Guide

Together, let’s make a unique difference in the world!

Allow me to show you the very Best version of yourself
And guide you toward the Ideal Vision for your Life.

If we rush things, they might get destroyed in the process.
Loving Patience is required to allow its natural development to take place
and reach the highest potential.

What is Life Coaching and how can it help you?

Coaches are guides or trainers who have specialized preparation to develop skills in leading people towards their personal fulfillment. Their function is to lead the client, toward achieving their goals.

As a Holistic Life Coach with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I focus on helping you in an empathetic manner (rapport) to establish a relationship with you of trust and ease in order to understand your current paradigm in a nonjudgmental way. From this point I objectively present key questions that suggests some options that you maybe haven’t been able to discover yet, allowing you to generate the answers and solutions from within yourself. Read more


The advantages of this modality are countless. It’s no wonder why so many professionals around the world have adopted a personal Life Coach in order to stand out from the crowd by shining their brightest light.

Among the benefits we mention a few:

Improving self-esteem and self-respect
More self-confidence
Decision to take control of their life
Developing leader skills
Increasing motivation and hope for the future
More assertiveness
And more

You have in your hands the power to choose,
each step that you take, can be changed for your sake.

You have in your mind, the option to decide,
whether to remain in the love, or in the fear reside.

You have a present moment that you can live:
if you delay it, it might never come.
if you ignore it, it will just be gone!

(Extract form the song “Open Your Mind”, from the production “Flying On Fire”)